Physical Therapy Services

General Physical Therapy
At Dade Physical Therapy, our goal is to consistently exceed our patient’s expectations and provide personal care and attention. Our rehabilitation programs are aimed at improving the physical capabilities and helping to create a positive outlook for our patients following a surgery, illness, or injury. Our treatment programs are designed to aid each patient’s recovery as quickly as possible.
Dade Physical Therapy treats patients with a variety of orthopedic conditions and injuries. Whether a patient has had joint replacement surgery, suffered an injury that has required surgical repair, or has pain and disability caused by degeneration, our highly trained staff can help each patient regain their physical capabilities and independence.
High Performance Training
The High Performance Sports Training at Dade Physical Therapy offers a unique opportunity for athletes of all ages to work with a physical therapist towards injury prevention and improving areas of need (speed, agility, strength, flexibility, and endurance) which are critical to improving performance while preventing injury. 
Sprains and Strains
Very often a patient who suffers a strain or  sprain type of injury is left unable to perform daily activities in a normal and pain free manner.  This is often  frustrating because their injuries may not be seen on a standard x-ray. Since  this type of injury is sometimes more difficult to pinpoint, it can be harder to treat. 
Sports Therapy
We understand how important it is for athletes to compete as safely as possible. We have had the opportunity to work closely with injured youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes and their physicians to restore their abilities following sports-related injuries. This assures that each patient receives the most comprehensive physical therapy care.
Wellness Programs
Our prevention and wellness programs help to protect each patient from future and re-occurring injuries by improving and maintaining their overall physical conditioning and resilience.