Our Mission

Improve physical capabilities and outlook of our patients through exceptional physical therapy and care.

Dade Physical TherapyDade Physical Therapy’s highly trained professionals provide hands on care and personal attention to each patient. ¬†Whether it is an athlete in training, a teenager or adult recovering from surgery or an orthopedic patient looking for improvement in range of motion, our high quality care and family environment will help you achieve your goals!

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Our Vision

To provide each patient with superior care, personal attention and desired results.

Dade PT Spinal InjuriesAt Dade Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on our reputation as a family oriented physical therapy facility that provides encouragement, attention and skilled care beyond the patient’s expectations.

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Our Approach

To treat each patient with professionalism, encouragement and compassion.

Dade PT General Physical TherapyOur well educated, knowledgeable and caring staff at Dade Physical Therapy will keep you at the top of your game.

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Our Focus

Our People